Dog pamper packages

Try Our Pamper Packages!

Looking for a pampering experience for your doogo? We offer a range of dog pamper packages that you can book online or by giving us a call at 01484 246420

Choose from one of the following packages:

  • Bundle 1: Nail Clipping & Anal Glands (£15, 10 mins)
  • Bundle 2: Nail Clipping & Pad Trimming (£15, 15 mins)
  • Bundle 3: Nail Clipping, Anal Glands & Pad Trimming (£25, 20 mins)
  • Bundle 4: Emmi Pet Maintenance, Nail Clipping, Pad Trimming & Anal Glands (£40, 40 mins)
  • Bundle 5: Emmi Pet Maintenance & Nail Clipping (£20, 20 mins)
  • Bundle 6: Emmi Pet Maintenance, Nail Clipping & Pad Trimming (£30, 30 mins)

Our Bundle Packages are perfect for dogs that need regular grooming maintenance.

No matter which package you choose, you can trust our expert clinicians to provide gentle and professional grooming services that will leave your dog feeling clean, refreshed, and pampered. Book your dog's pampering session today and let us help you take care of their grooming needs!

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