Collection: Naturaw

Naturaw is an ethical, high quality British raw dog food brand - produced in Yorkshire (yey!) with compostable packaging.

Produced completely in-house, Naturaw crafted every aspect themselves using their experience and knowledge as raw feeders. From the chunky mince made from quality cuts of only high welfare and ethically sourced British meat, to the beautiful totally compostable packaging that they’re incredibly proud of – packaging that they strongly believe is labelled to an unbeatable standard in clarity, transparency, and quite simply helpfulness. In addition, they are incredibly proud to have launched the first raw pet food in the UK to be organically licensed (ofg).

Dragonfly says "Naturaw is a lovely brand that we are pleased to stock. One of our higher priced raw food brands, the price reflects the ethical and organic ethos of the company alongside their compostable packaging.

Positives: British brand with focus on ethics, consistent batches in a chunky mince, easy to defrost tubs that can be composted, good range of flavours.

Negatives: Can be costly for customers feeding larger dogs, some dogs find the recipes too rich."

For more information on Naturaw or to discuss any aspects of raw feeding call us on 01484 246420.

Available in store or for local delivery.  Unfortunately we cannot ship this product Nationwide by courier.