Collaborations - A guide to working with Dragonfly Products

Every day we get approached by lots of folk wanting to ‘collab’ with us.  We love working with like-minded people and most of all, dog lovers that are passionate about dog health, nutrition and diet.  You don't need a huge following on social media to approach us, but you do need to have purchased from us in order to form an opinion about us.

We are a small, successful business. We work hard, we work constantly, we go above and beyond with our customer service, we care, we are people behind a business name – we are not a faceless business, we care very, very much about our customers and their dogs. We do want respect. You do too. You value your brand/social media account, otherwise you would not be looking to work with us.

We’re sorry to admit it but we're continually disappointed with the lack of thought applied when people contact us out of the blue wanting to ‘collab’ or do a giveaway.

It takes effort on both parties for successful campaigns and collaborations.  We like to work with people who are genuinely interested in our products and what Dragonfly Products stand for.  People who share our posts, like our page, tag us in posts and engage with us long before they make a pitch are our favourites.

So, here are some helpful tips to consider when you want to reach out and make a pitch to us.


  • Be a customer – we value genuine customer feedback and those that want to work more with us because they know about us as they’ve bought from us and are invested in us as a company.
  • Tell us about yourself and your dog/s.
  • Describe the audience that you appeal to.
  • Give us the facts e.g number of followers, engagement rate, post reach.
  • Detail how your campaign is going to work: who, what, where, when, how.  This is really important. 
  • Explain why you think you are beneficial to Dragonfly Products. i.e. what success looks like to you - is it sales, brand awareness etc.




  • Ask us for a freebie or ‘collab’ on Instagram or Messenger having never bought from us.- You need to know our products in order to want to work with us and know if you even like our products.
  • Copy and paste a blanket email just inserting our name or product.  Just nooooooo!!!
  • Bombard us with messages - if you pitch to us with a well thought out idea, we will take our time to read it and come back to you if we would like to pursue it further.  We are genuine people behind our screens that take time to digest what is sent to us, so we won't always respond immediately.

Once you have formulated your pitch, please contact our PR team on

Thank you for considering working with Dragonfly Products and for taking the time to read our guide.

Laura, Dolly & Reggie x