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Dry Adult Dog Food

Choosing the best kibble dog food

Every dog has different nutritional needs, so you need to find the best option with all the important nutrients and vitamins. We believe the best adult dry dog food is one that is grain free, doesn't contain fillers such as brown rice or wheat, has a high meat content and a great selection of different flavours to keep your dog interested.

Dragonfly Freshly Prepared and Gourmet of range of dry dog food options includes:

  • A huge range of different meat proteins including: chicken, beef, turkey, salmon to name but a few - this is particularly important if your dog has allergies and needs to avoid certain meat proteins.

  • Grain free so as not to irritate the digestive system.

  • Complete adult dog food so there is no need to add wet food to it. Balanced nutrition is in every packet

  • With added fruits and vegetables to give your dog a well rounded food

  • High meat content which is important to reduce waste (poo) and wind

Feeding the best dry dog food you can afford will be reflected in your dogs coat condition, health, energy levels and general wellbeing.

Dry dog food doesn't need to be boring, our wide range of ingredients ensures your dog has a huge selection of flavours to choose from so you can offer a mix and match on a daily basis when you feed them.

The benefits of grain free dog food

Grains do not provide your dog with the proper oils and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy skin and coat. Grain free dog foods are high in protein (Dragonfly dry dog food has a minimum of 50%), there tends to be an increase in omega-3 fatty acids, especially in food that contains fish such as Salmon. These fatty oils make your dog's coat thick, shiny and healthy.

As grain digests it can irritate the stomach and even trigger allergies which is why we are passionate about keeping things grain free when it comes to the best dry dog food.

When feeding a grain free dry dog food you will notice less poo, less wind and generally better health for your dog. This is because grain doesn't digest fully and is eliminated as large amounts of poo. Wind is caused because the digestive system is struggling to digest the grains in poor quality dry food.

Brown rice, wheat and cereal are best kept for humans to consume - not our dogs!

  • Smaller, firmer stools - Many dogs begin producing less waste (poo) after switching to a grain-free food. This means your dog will not only have to go to the toilet less frequently, but his stools will be smaller too.

    This occurs because grain-free foods do not have as much indigestible material (fibre) as foods that are full of rice, cereal and wheat have. Additionally, the sweet potato used to replace the carbohydrate content of grain-free foods work as thickening agents, and help slow the transit time of food through the intestines.

  • Digestion - Dogs are biologically incapable of fully digesting grains. As grain free dog food has more protein and less carbohydrates, it’s easier to digest than food laden with carbohydrate heavy grains. 

    Over time, dry dog food containing grain can damage the lining of the digestive system, resulting in bowel inflammation disorders, food sensitivities, food allergies, leaky gut and obesity.

  • High Quality Nutrition - Many dog food brands fill their products with large quantities of grains to bulk up their product and keep the price low. These dry dog foods are therefore very low in nutritional value, as their main ingredient is carb-heavy grains, rice and fillers.

    Dragonfly grain free food is high in vegetables, fibre and healthy meat or fish protein, which provides your dog with a nutritionally complete and balanced meal.

  • Reduction in allergies - If your dog suffers from an allergy, making the switch to grain free dry dog food can be especially beneficial. Many dogs are allergic to wheat and corn (or the animals that are fed on wheat and corn such as chicken). The first thing we recommend if you have an itchy dog is to switch to a grain free dry dog food.

  • Wind - Rice, wheat and other grains often cause many dogs to produce lots and lots of wind. This foul-smelling gas is not only unpleasant for owners, it often causes your dog to feel cramping and discomfort until it eventually passes it (usually when they're lying next to you on the sofa). Gas in dogs is not necessarily a bad or unhealthy thing, but it’s more of an inconvenience. In a few situations, it could be a sign of a more problematic digestive health issue.

    Grain free dry dog food rarely causes these same types of problems, and most dogs produce much less gas after switching to such a food. The best dry dog food will contain probiotics too which help to lessen the symptoms of flatulence.