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Healthy Dog Biscuits

Dog biscuits - quick and easy treats for your furry friends

Healthy dog biscuits can be hard to find in a saturated market full of dog treats labeled as 'healthy and natural'. Dog biscuits are a staple for most dog owners, and they are a quick and easy dog treat to use as a reward or a snack for a walk.

Ensure you store your healthy dog biscuits in an airtight container to keep them fresh. Dog treats containing ingredients such as coconut flour can go soft if not kept sealed.

What are dog biscuits used for?

Dog biscuits can be used for many things, but mostly for:

  • Reward based training - dog biscuits are brilliant for rewarding your fur baby for good behaviour. If you are doing a lot of training, ensure your dog treats are not high in fat

  • Recall training - small dog treats are great to carry with you on walks when working on recall with your puppy.

  • Motivation - if your dog is motivated by food, dog biscuits are a way to keep them interested whilst not overloading them with dog treats

  • Quick snack - a dog biscuit is a great quick snack over a long lasting dog treat. If you don't have time to supervise your dog, but they are hungry, a dog biscuit will give them satisfaction

  • Bedtime snack - look for a dog treat recipe containing dry ingredients such as chamomile or lavender. Both are a super easy way to calm your dog before sleep.

Healthy dog biscuits ingredients

Let's look at what ingredients make a great recipe for healthy dog biscuits:

  • Peanut Butter - a popular flavour for healthy dog biscuits. Natural peanut butter dog treats are loved by dogs everywhere and contain healthy fats

  • Fruit - many healthy dog treats contain super-food fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, apples to name but a few. These will be a huge hit with your fur baby

  • Protein - meat or fish based dog treats should have a high protein content that dogs love.

  • Coconut flour - a great alternative to rice flour, normal flour, or whole wheat flour. Coconut flour does not contain gluten, or wheat means a healthy dog biscuit recipe! Many of our biscuits bakes combine flour (coconut)

  • Sweet potato - a great binder for dog treats to help them hold their shape and is great for the digestive system

  • Pumpkin - similar to sweet potato, dog biscuits containing pumpkin are a healthy dog treat

How to choose the best dog biscuits for your dog?

  • Grain and gluten free - dogs struggle to process grains and gluten. This is why it is important that your dog treats do not contain normal whole wheat flour. Always check the ingredients!

  • Check the label - read all the ingredients contained in your dog treats. Many 'healthy dog biscuits' are not actually that healthy, the ingredients label is there to help you make an informed decision.

  • Try a few - get a variety of dog treats, try them with your dog and see which ones your dog loves.

  • Smells good - if they smell good your dog is bound to love them. Healthy dog treats should not smell bad!

Best dog biscuits for small dogs

Smaller cookies are better for small dogs as it reduces the risk of them choking or struggling to bite them. Check the size of your dog treats before buying them.

Best healthy dog biscuits for old dogs

Your older dog may prefer softer dog treats if they struggle to chew due to missing teeth. There are plenty of soft dog biscuits on the market so always read the descriptions and consider the size of the biscuits when purchasing.