Collection: Durham Animal Feeds

Durham Animal Feeds is our popular budget brand with a whopping 37 flavours and a wide variety of protein options.

Offering complete, boneless and offal free options in a chunky ground mince, DAF offers value for money and are offered in our popular variety boxes (Eco, Prime and Super) for those wanting variety on a budget.

DAF is made with both British and European meat meeting strict DEFRA guidelines.

Dragonfly says "Durham Animal Feeds is the most popular brand of raw food that we stock.  This is due to the wide range of flavours and our 'pick and mix' variety boxes which offer fantastic value for money.  Brachycephalic (or flat faced to you and me) breeds may struggle with DAF due to the size of the bone fragments in some packs.  We would recommend a finer grind such as MVM or Natural Instinct in this case.

Positives: Wide range of flavours, flexible shopping options, low price point, great for dogs with allergies due to amount of flavours available

Negatives: Bone content can be a little high for some dogs, defrosting can be a little messy, mixes can be a little inconsistent from batch to batch"

For more information on Durham Animal Feeds or to discuss any aspects of raw feeding call us on 01484 246420.

Available in store or for local delivery.  Unfortunately we cannot ship this product Nationwide by courier.