Collection: Large Breed Dog Food

Choosing the best large breed dog food

Large breed dogs (and giant breeds) love to eat their food as quickly as possible, and with their larger mouths, if they consume food too quickly they are likely to consume air which may cause bloating and digestive issues. A larger kibble (biscuit) size in the diet helps slow down the speed at which large dogs eat and promote a positive eating experience alongside healthy digestion.

Large breeds (such as Great Danes, German Shepherds, Rottweilers to name but a few) are also more prone to joint issues due to their size and weight having a bearing on their strong joints and bones, so feeding specially formulated foods suitable for their breed will help support and keep joints healthy and mobile. Glucosamine and fatty acids helps maintain healthy joints and fibre blends and prebiotics can boost the levels of gut bacteria for optimal digestion for our pets.

The right balance of animal protein, minerals and vitamins will benefit large breeds at all life stages, so finding a high-quality pet food with tailored nutrition in mind is an easy way to keep them happy and ensure they have healthy bones which is vital to the health of a large breed dog.

Large dog breeds also have a large muscle mass which needs to be supported by high quality sources of protein, large breed dog food recipes should be high in fresh or dried protein and provided a moderate level of fat to help avoid unnecessary weight gain.

When choosing your large breed dog food look for:

  • Omega 3 & 6 fats - for healthy skin and coat and to prevent skin issues

  • High protein content (offer a range of dry dog food flavours such as turkey, duck, fresh chicken, beef, lamb)

  • Grain free recipes that don't include rice, wheat, cereals and fillers will help your large dog digest their dog food better as many dogs are intolerant to grains

  • Kibble Size for large dog breeds is generally bigger than regular dog food. This is because they have bigger mouths and jaws and promotes healthy digestion

How much food should a large breed dog eat per day?

Feed large breed adult dogs with the correct portion that is recommended on the feeding guides. For instance, larger dogs and giant breed dogs can easily be overfed and lead to taking them over their healthy weight which puts unnecessary strain onto their joints.

Your large breed dog food will have a guide on the pack for you to follow but remember, it is just a guide - adjust the amount of dog food you give for your breed and size of dog.

Adding salmon oil to your large breed dog food is a welcome addition to boost their skin, coat and healthy joints.

Should large breed dogs eat grain-free?

We don't recommend dog food containing grains for any dogs whether small, medium or large. Many dogs struggle to digest grain such as rice, wheat and cereals which can irritate the digestive system and lead to bloating, wind and excessive waste (poo). Choose a dog food that contains sweet potato or a special formula that is grain free that is suitable for large dogs.