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Healthy Dog Treats and Chews

Dog treats are the ultimate reward for your four legged friend. But, dog treats are not exclusively used for rewards. Treats and chews are also used for training and dental care. At Dragonfly, we make and sell only natural dog treats and chews.

What actually is a natural dog treat? Simply put, they are healthy treats and chews which have had minimal processing to keep them 'natural'. There are many different varieties of natural dog treats on the market including chews, training treats, healthy dog biscuits, puppy treats, organic dog treats.

Natural treats are vital to the health and wellbeing of our dogs - mass-produced, cheap imported treats and dog chews have a detrimental impact on our pets and should be avoided. Treats such as rawhide should never be given, these are not considered natural and are extremely dangerous to our pets.

Types of natural dog treats

Some of the most popular ones are air-dried chews and natural dog treats (such as ears, pizzles, snouts, feet, tails, scalp and yes, even testicles, to name but a few).

They are single-protein, hypoallergenic and healthy. Your dog will enjoy the benefits of long lasting chews and look after their dental health. Our suppliers are carefully chosen, trusted and quality checked to ensure our customers are only feeding the best treats to their dogs.


There are many different types of treats and chews available, but we can split them into:

  • long lasting dog chews

  • puppy treats

  • healthy dog biscuits

  • and, training treats 

All filled with all the goodness and vitamins needed for happy and healthy dogs of all ages.

Natural dog treats - packed with vitamins

From irresistible pig ears, rabbit ears with fur (great for natural worming), pizzles (bulls penis anyone?) to fish based treats (packed with omega goodness) - all of our healthy dog treats are picked with our customers - your dogs - in mind.

They are rich in B vitamins, Vitamin C, iron, calcium and manganese. Some contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that are sensitive to heat, so that’s why it’s best to choose air dried treats.

Also, a treat that contains any kind of bones (such as chicken feet) should be air-dried, too, to ensure the bones do not splinter or cause any digestive issues.

Chewing snacks - great for dental care

Dogs love natural chews. They keep them busy, satisfy their urge to chew and keep their teeth in tip-top shape. Chewing on longer lasting, natural products (such as Buffalo Ears) helps to prevent tartar and plaque build up.

Feed one treat per day as part of a balanced diet for oral health care. Chewing will also entertain your pet and release 'happy hormones'. Your dog may calm down, or even get sleepy, after a long chewing session.

Dog biscuits - perfect for training and rewards

When choosing a dog biscuit, look for grain, gluten and wheat free options. They are hypoallergenic and suitable for dogs with allergies. They contain no additives so are the perfect way to introduce training treats to the diet or as a reward snack.

Our biscuit range is produced in the UK and come in various shapes and flavour choices. Most dogs find our snacks irresistible and can be fed alongside their regular food as part of a healthy diet.

What to look for in healthy dog treats

  • Single ingredients

  • No additives or fillers

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Grain free

  • Low fat

  • No added salt or sugar

  • Organic ingredients

  • Packed with vitamins and minerals

  • UK or European sourcing

How many treats can dogs eat per day?

PUPPIES: We recommend one natural chew per day for a puppy alongside their regular food. Introduce new treats slowly and always supervise your pet when eating. Training treats can be fed regularly or used as a reward for recall, toilet training etc. Feeding too many treats and snacks (no matter how natural) at once can end up upsetting immature puppy tummies so proceed with caution.

ACTIVE DOGS: Of all ages, one or two natural dog treats per day is adequate if your pet isn't watching its weight. If you need some peace and quiet, a chew can be helpful to keep them occupied. Healthy biscuits can be fed as a reward or training treat.

OLDER DOGS: Softer natural treats are the perfect way to keep your pet occupied whilst not putting too much pressure on the jaws and teeth. Older dogs should be given one natural treat per day to ensure they don't gain weight which would be detrimental to their health. Our popular 'Easy Chew' pack is perfect for senior dogs or those that struggle with hard treats.

OBESE DOGS: If you are watching your dog's weight, we would recommend no more than one low fat treat per day. We have a range of low fat treats that are suitable for dogs on low fat diets and for dogs prone to pancreatitis.

No matter when you feed your dogs natural treats or a chew, you should always supervise them closely and provide fresh drinking water.