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The Best Dog Training Treats

The best dog training treats should be as healthy and contain as many natural ingredients as possible. Healthy dog treats for training should not be full of artificial colours, flavourings and fillers. Training sessions are important for your dog or puppy, not only to stimulate them but to ensure you have a trained and well behaved dog.

Training treats are vital for the success of dog training. Many dogs are driven by food rewards (especially if they are incredibly food orientated) and most dog trainers will ask you to come prepared with dog treats to training sessions. But how do you know what a healthy dog treat actually is?

Types of natural dog training treats

Chews - dog chews are best used indoor for training as we would not class them as a quick treat. You may want to use a chew if you are trying to train your dog or puppy out of unwanted behaviour such as chewing furniture or destroying items in the house.

Crunchy Training Treats - many dogs love crunchy treats for training, you just need to ensure they are small enough for a quick snack rather than large crunchy dog treats that may take a couple of minutes to eat which will distract your dog from the training sessions. Look for dog treats that contain sweet potato rather than cereals or grain to bind them together.

Soft Training Treats - small training treats that are soft are perfect as puppy training treats or for a dog that struggles with hard treats. Small puppies may struggle with harder training treats so small soft dog treats work well for puppy training classes or agility classes where dogs need to eat quick and carry on.

Puppy Training Treats - look for small puppy treats in large quantities. Puppy training sessions require a lot of puppy treats and you will be surprised how quickly they go. Puppy training treats should be high value treats that have a strong aroma. You need your puppy to be excited by the training treats!

Meat Training Treats - single protein, healthy dog treats are brilliant for dogs that have allergies and may need to stick to certain meats. These healthy dog treats are often soft treats as they are air dried rather than baked.

High Value Training Treats - puppy training or in fact any kind of high value training treat should have a strong aroma that your dog loves and is excited by. Your dog needs to want to work to get a high value dog treat and smell is always a winner!

When to use dog training treats?

Puppy training classes - take lots of healthy dog treats with you because you will use a lot! A treat bag is helpful to carry them. Puppy training treats are the key to success and most puppies love their training classes!

Toilet training - when you are training your puppy to go outside to the toilet, you will need puppy training treats to encourage them to go. We suggest using one specific type of high value treats for this so your pup knows exactly what to expect when they successfully toilet outside.

Agility and Competitions - a healthy dog treat is an absolute must for a dog that is competing or undertaking agility training. Many dogs are driven by food reward in competitions.

Grooming Sessions - if your dog isn't keen on being pampered, a dog treat will make life a lot easier for them and make your dog see grooming sessions as a pleasure not a chore.

How to choose the best dog training treat?

Successful dog training needs a good dog treat but how do you know which is the best? This usually means choosing grain free treats as dogs struggle to digest grain and it you are feeding your dog lots of treats the addition of grain can cause problems for their digestion.

It is worth noting that easy to swallow, reward treats which can be eaten quickly allow you to continue working with your dog and enjoy a happy training session! Your four legged friend will enjoy the different treat over their regular food.

We recommend that you choose your puppy training treats carefully and only use specific treats for specific training. For example a treat for recall and a treat for puppy classes. Puppy training treats are readily available so having a selection will make life easier to swap between them!

Is it okay to use raw dog treats for training?

If you raw feed it can be incredibly difficult to find raw dog treats for training. You can't carry around raw pieces of meat in your pocket so what is the solution - especially if you have a new puppy?

Look for single protein (such as chicken or lamb), pure meat training treats that are air dried or freeze dried and ideally can be broken into small pieces. This gives you the benefit of raw dog treats without actually having to carry raw meat around with you.