Collection: Wet Dog Food

Forthglade Wet Dog Food - Complete Dog Food

Wet dog food is usually available in a range of recipes created from a mixture of different types of meat (from beef, chicken, lamb and duck) and vegetables (from butternut squash to carrots).

Wet food can be 'Complete Meal' which means is can be fed on its own as a full and balanced diet, or it can be 'Complementary' which means it should be mixed with dry dog food to provide your pet with all of the nutrients they require.

Some wet food is mixed with with brown rice, pasta and various sauces which we don't recommend as dogs don't require the addition of grain to their diet. Always look for a grain free recipe without artificial additives.

Wet dog food formulas have the highest water content so being soft, it is a great choice for dogs that are picky eaters or have difficulty chewing dry dog food due to dental problems or illness.

The Forthglade range of wet food has been chosen for its high quality, natural ingredients. The complete wet food range is perfect for dogs that don't like dry food or, again, for use as an alternative to raw feeding when going away.

Choosing the right wet dog food

Forthglade wet dog food is super tasty and dogs usually love it, so how can we help dog owners to choose the best food?

  • Puppy Recipes - Forthglade wet dog food have puppy specific recipes which are perfect from 8 weeks+. If you are feeding your puppy wet dog food on its own, be sure to choose the 'complete meals' to ensure you puppy stays healthy as they grow

  • Complete - Forthglade wet food have grain free 'complete' meal recipes which makes meals naturally nutritious as they are filled with healthy, natural ingredients such as sweet potato, turkey or fish which offers a wholesome mealtime for adult dogs

  • Complementary - Forthglade wet food have a range of complementary recipes simple and in a great range of different flavours. These can be fed from 8 weeks+ and should be mixed with a kibble or as a short term substitute for raw dog food (if travelling). Ideal for sensitive tummies due to the simple natural ingredients

  • Senior Recipes - Forthglade wet dog food comes in a senior recipe for older dogs 7 years+. These are a complete meal in a range of poultry and natural flavour vegetables. These are great to feed your older dog if they struggle to when eating to chew

Hypoallergenic wet dog food

The term hypoallergenic, literally meaning below-average-allergy-causing, is used widely in the dog food industry to identify foods that are less likely to cause an adverse reaction in the dogs that eat them.

Unfortunately there are no official guidelines on which ingredients qualify as hypoallergenic or not and so the definition can vary from one brand to another.

We class hypoallergenic as food with no added grain, wheat, maize, dairy products, soya products and additives, all of which we have often found to be problematic in sensitive dogs.

It is important to note, however, that since dogs can develop adverse reactions to almost any ingredient, no food is absolutely risk free.

The Forthglade wet dog food meals that we stock contains none of the problematic ingredients above, are grain free and therefore would be classed as 'hypoallergenic'.

Grain free wet dog food

Wet dog food should be grain free as many dogs struggle to digest foods with grain in it. We don't recommend foods that contain brown rice, wheat or cereal - all of which can cause allergies and digestive issues in dogs - particularly those with sensitive tummies.

Things you need to know about wet dog food

Store it properly

Keep the unopened packs in a cool, dry cupboard. Once opened, they should be stored in the fridge and consumed within 2 days.

Serve at room temperature

To avoid digestive problems, we recommend serving Forthglade wet food at room temperature.