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What is a LickiMat, and why do dogs love them

A LickiMat is a type of dog enrichment device that provides a textured surface for dogs to lick. It is typically made of food-grade rubber or silicone and features patterns or ridges that hold soft foods, spreads, or treats. Dogs love LickiMats for several reasons:

Mental stimulation

LickiMats engage dogs' senses and provide mental stimulation. The textured surface and the challenge of licking the food or your pet's favourite soft treat off the mat can keep them occupied and entertained. You can also freeze treats on the mat for a longer lasting experience.

Slow feeding

LickiMats can serve as a slow feeder (particularly useful for raw food), extending mealtime and preventing dogs from gulping down their food. The process of licking the food off the mat requires time and effort, encouraging slower and more mindful eating.

Oral health benefits

LickiMats can promote better oral health by stimulating saliva production, which helps to naturally clean teeth and gums. The licking action can assist in removing food particles and plaque, contributing to fresher breath and healthier teeth.

Enrichment and reward

LickiMats can be used as an enrichment tool or as a reward during training sessions. They provide a novel and engaging activity for dogs, offering a positive and rewarding experience and turning mealtimes into a tasty boredom busters.

Overall, LickiMats can provide dogs with sensory enrichment, relaxation, and a fun way to enjoy their food or treats. They are a popular choice among dog owners seeking to provide mental stimulation and promote healthy eating habits for their dogs.

Do LickMats help with anxiety?

Absolutely! Licking is a natural behaviour for dogs, helping release endorphins that can have a calming effect on them. The repetitive motion of licking can help reduce anxiety, stress, and boredom in dogs (particularly if you have an anxious dog) and therefore can promote calm behaviour. Just a small amount of food on a LickiMat helps calm behaviour in a medical free way.

Does it help with destructive behaviour?

While a LickiMat can be a useful tool in managing destructive behaviour in dogs, it is not a guaranteed solution on its own. Destructive behavior in dogs can stem from various underlying factors such as boredom, anxiety, or lack of exercise.

A LickiMat can provide mental stimulation and a calming effect through the repetitive licking action, which may help redirect your dog's attention away from destructive behaviours. It can serve as a positive and engaging activity that keeps your dog occupied and mentally engaged.

However, it's important to address the root cause of the destructive behaviour as well. This may involve providing sufficient physical exercise, mental stimulation, and a structured routine for your dog. Additionally, training, behaviour modification techniques, and seeking guidance from a professional dog trainer or behaviourist can help address and manage destructive behaviours more effectively.

Can I give my dog a LickiMat every day?

Yes, you can give your dog a LickiMat every day if desired. LickiMats can be a regular part of your dog's enrichment routine and can provide mental stimulation and a rewarding experience. However, it's important to consider a few factors:

Portion control

If you are using the LickiMat with food or treats, be mindful of the overall calorie intake. Adjust your dog's meal portions accordingly to account for the additional food provided on the LickiMat.


While LickiMats can be enjoyable for dogs, it's beneficial to provide variety in their enrichment activities. Introduce other interactive toys, puzzle feeders filled with your dogs favourite treat, or different types of mental stimulation to keep your dog engaged and prevent them from becoming solely reliant on the LickiMat.


It's generally recommended to supervise your dog when using a LickiMat, especially if they are enthusiastic or tend to chew on objects. This will ensure their safety and prevent them from ingesting any parts of the mat that may come loose or damaged.


Regularly clean the LickiMat to maintain hygiene and prevent the buildup of bacteria or mould. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper cleaning and sanitisation.

Dog LickiMat ideas - choosing the best food

We have a wide range of treats to put onto your dog's Lickimat:

  • Dog-friendly Peanut Butter - runny treats work brilliantly on a Lickimat Soother as your dog has to work to get it out of the raised bumpy design

  • Plain, natural greek yoghurt - spread it on the Lickimat Classic Buddy and then sprinkle with a dog food topper for refreshing longer lasting entertainment

  • Wet Food - we love mashing Forthglade wet dog food into a lickimat as a fun alternative to a standard plate

  • Banana - grab a well ripened banana, mash it into a Lickimat Buddy and you've got yourself a tasty fun game for your dog