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Natural Dog Grooming Products and Accessories

The Dragonfly range of natural dog shampoo and grooming products are carefully made in Britain using nature’s finest ingredients. Our ingredients in our dog shampoos make bath time a fun experience for both dog owners and their pets. You can also rest assured that our products are cruelty free and ph balanced.

Why chose natural dog grooming products?

A lot of grooming products contain harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances that can irritate a dog's skin leaving it dry, the coat full and your dog uncomfortable.

Dog Grooming - Proper grooming for a shiny coat

Whether you have a short haired dog that required minimal grooming or a long haired double coated dog that needs lots of brushing and attention, we recommend you undertake regular basic grooming.

Grooming isn't just about your dog's coat, the ears, paws, nails, hygiene areas and face all need careful attention to keep your dog in top condition.

The dog shampoo and conditioner you use should be paraben and SLS free, it should foam up gently and have a subtle fragrance. If your dog is has particularly sensitive skin that is prone to dryness, then an oatmeal based shampoo will help keep the skin soothed and coat soft.

Brushing and trimming dogs' coat

If you have a long haired dog, you will need to brush daily to keep on top of knots that may occur.

Slicker brushes are a great way to give a quick brush through to keep things tidy and is particularly good for shorter haired breeds but if you have a doodle or thick coated dog, you need to use a wide tooth comb to gently comb through and prise out any knots. Detangling sprays and conditioners are great to use in conjunction with a wide toothed comb to make the experience a little easier.

We do recommend longer and thicker coated dogs have regular appointments with professional dog groomers to ensure you are not missing anything our of their grooming routine. Hygiene areas (around the bottom, vulva and penis) should be kept trimmed neatly to stop any waste getting caught up in it and causing discomfort to your dog.

Healthy and happy paws

Dog noses and paws can get dry and cracked, especially during periods of extremely hot or cold weather. These delicate areas of the body should be kept moisturised with a nose and paw balm to prevent cracks appearing in the skin and eliminate soreness.

We recommend using a nose and paw balm through the winter months during cold weather and when the roads have been gritted as the salt used can dry out your dog's delicate paws.

Nails should not be overlooked and should be trimmed regularly, particularly if your dog walks on soft ground most of the time. If the nails get too long, they can cause problems for your dog whilst walking and can snag on things which will cause pain to your dog.

Dragonfly dog grooming products and equipment

The range includes Nose & Paw balm, the perfect protection for your dog’s delicate areas, and our Mucky Pup Soap Bar that contains carefully selected ingredients and essential oils. It’s a superb natural dog shampoo bar of soap that leaves your dogs skin clean and keeps their coat shiny.

Does your dog’s fur get tangled? Try our detangling and condition spray which makes the process a lot easier and enjoyable for all concerned - it can be used on its own on dry fur or as part of your groom routine after shampoo.

To complement our natural grooming products is our range of dog grooming equipment such as combs, brushes and towels.