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Dog Food Toppers To Add Interest To Your Dog's Diet

A dog food topper is a type of food supplement that is added to dry dog food, raw dog food or wet dog food in order to enhance its flavour and/or nutritional value. Toppers come in different forms such as powdered, crumbled, frozen or liquid and can be made from a variety of ingredients, such as meats, vegetables, fruits, and even bone broth. They are often high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and can be a great way to boost the nutrition of your dog's food and diet.

A dog food topper can be added to dry, raw or wet food, it is a great way to increase your dog's interest in their food, and to make it more palatable for picky eaters. It is an easy way to provide a source of additional nutrients and add variety to your dog's diet. They can also be used to target specific health issues or dietary needs. For example, if your dog has a sensitive stomach, you might choose a topper made with a limited ingredient recipe, or if your dog needs to gain weight, you could choose a topper that is high in calories.

Dog food toppers and meal mixers should be used in addition to a dog's regular food to keep things interesting and increase the nutritional benefits of their dog food.

We use natural ingredients to make Dragonfly dog food toppers

  • Veggie Crumble - a dried blend of dog safe fruit and vegetables to add fibre and bulk to the diet

  • Sea Sprinkles - created using a blend of ingredients from the ocean to add a boost of omega oils to the diet

How to use dog food toppers

Some dog food toppers can be served as a standalone meal or snack but it's best to check the package instruction for serving size and frequency. In general, it's recommended to not exceed more than 10% of the total daily intake as a topper, as it can unbalance the overall diet.