Collection: Worm Count Kits

Treat your dog for worms naturally

Using a Worm Count Kit for Dogs eliminates the need for regular worming tablets "just in case", as it gives you an accurate picture of what's actually happening inside your dog's intestines.

A worm count works by determining how many parasite eggs are present in a particular faecal sample. The FEC (Faecal Egg Count) method may also be able to determine the different kinds of worms and parasites present. This can help you decide whether a worming treatment is needed.

Many owners have a set monthly worming programme, but this can be unnecessary and costly. A Worm Count Kit for Dogs will show whether parasite eggs are present in a fresh faeces sample. The Feclab kits include worm count, lungworm count, or combo worm and lungworm count tests.

The number of eggs is a useful indication of how bad a parasitic infection your dog has. A high egg count usually means a large number of adult parasites in the dog's intestines.

Should you find worms and intestinal parasites present, use Natural Dog Wormer to deal with the problem. Using Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is an effective natural alternative to harsh chemical wormers. It has antiseptic properties that can help kill a wide range of organisms, both on your dog's skin and internally.

Products such as Natural Dog Wormer with GSE offer antibacterial, antiparasitic, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant properties. GSE also acts as a detoxifier and immune booster and is rich in vitamins C and E. Free from chemicals and additives, it does not contain harmful ingredients.

Our Higher Nature GSE dog wormer is simple to use, as the dosage is one drop per 1 kg of your pet's weight for ten days. It can be divided into two meals per day. Once the ten days' treatment has been completed, re-testing is recommended to ensure all worms and intestinal parasites have been destroyed.