Collection: Manifold Valley Meats

Manifold Valley Meats is a quality, British Brand producing a range of finely minced raw dog food.  

Wellcroft Farm, Grindon is situated in the heart of the Peak District National Park and enjoys spectacular views over the Manifold Valley. It is also home to Manifold Valley Meats, who run a comprehensive range of livestock services including Butchery, Wholesaling, & Pet Foods.

With public concern growing over not only where our food comes from but how it is produced and how many food miles it travels before it reaches our plates, Manifold Valley Meats aim to finish animals reared either on their own family farm or sourced from a few carefully selected farms, reducing food miles to within 2/3 miles of their abattoir and cutting plant. Their aim is to buy local stock to reduce food miles down to 1 mile radius of them. Their meat is additive free, from stock that is mainly grass fed and no hormones or unnecessary drugs are used. This is meat produced as it used to be, using traditional methods and prepared on their premises.

Offering complete, boneless and offal free options in a fine ground mince, MVM is popular with customers wanting to find a variety of different foods.  It is also particuarly good for dogs following a low purine diet such as dalmations due to the amount of offal free mixes.

MVM is made with British meat meeting strict DEFRA guidelines.

Dragonfly says "Manifold Valley Meats is a really popular brand due to the range of flavours and options.  As the mince is a fine grind, many owners choose this brand if they have a dog that struggles to swallow larger brone fragments.

Positives: Wide range of flavours, available in a mixed variety box to save money, British meat, clearly labelled and consistent mixes, plenty of offal free options

Negatives: Flavours change regularly according to what meat MVM have available so it can be frustrating if a dog only likes one particular flavour because we can't guarantee it will be available all the time, the sausage shaped packaging can be a little messy when defrosted"

For more information on Manifold Valley Meats or to discuss any aspects of raw feeding call us on 01484 246420.

Available in store or for local delivery.  Unfortunately we cannot ship this product Nationwide by courier.

Available instore, local collection and local delivery.