Collection: Natural Instinct

Natural Instinct are a high quality, British brand. They are a passionate team, dedicated to providing their customers and furry friends with complete and balanced raw dog food of the highest quality. 

Natural Dog Range 

Packed full of fresh meat, vegetables and fruit. There are options for all life stages, tastes and different diet requirements from the popular Puppy recipe to Senior with added natural supplements.  The Natural range offers complete meals with no need for supplements. 

Working Dog Range 

This range is just what active working dogs need – tasty, healthy meals that give them energy to work and support their busy lifestyle.  The Working Dog range contains a slightly higher meat content and added vitamin C making it the perfect recipe for hard-working dogs. All the Working Dog recipes include vegetables and fruit and are complete meals with no need for supplements.

Dragonfly says "Natural Instinct is a lovely alternative to traditional 80-10-10 complete raw feeds.  With the addition of fruit, vegetables and supplements to their meals, this range is perfect for dogs on a low purine diet. The batches are consistent and a fine grind with no large bone fragments.

Positives: Added fruit and vegetables, fine grind and consistent ingredients, perfect for low purine diets, available in handy tubs which means no messy defrosting.

Negatives: Recipes are relatively limited compared to other brands, some dogs don't enjoy the fruit and vegetables, more costly than other brands we stock."

For more information on Natural Instinct or to discuss any aspects of raw feeding call us on 01484 246420.

Available in store or for local delivery.  Unfortunately we cannot ship this product Nationwide by courier.