Bull Breed Wrinkle Cleaning

Bull Breed Wrinkle Cleaning

Our Bull Breed Wrinkle Cleaning service typically involves using a gentle, yet effective cleanser to remove dirt, debris, and bacteria from the folds of your bulldog's wrinkles, tail pockets, ears and paws.

We carefully clean and dry the wrinkles to ensure there is no moisture left behind, which can lead to infection or irritation. We may also apply a soothing and moisturizing balm to help prevent dryness and promote healthy skin.

Our professional and experienced clinicians use specialised techniques to ensure a thorough and safe cleaning experience

How much does it cost?
We charge £10 per dog.

How do I know if my dog’s wrinkles need cleaning? 
There are a few indications to look out for:

  1. Foul Odour: If you notice a strong, unpleasant smell coming from your dog's wrinkles, it may be time for a cleaning. This smell can be an indication of a bacterial or yeast infection that needs to be treated.
  2. Redness and Irritation: If your dog's wrinkles appear red, swollen, or irritated, this may be a sign of infection or inflammation. Regular cleaning can help prevent these issues from occurring.
  3. Discharge or Crusty Buildup: If you notice any discharge or crusty buildup in your dog's wrinkles, this may be a sign of infection or injury. Regular cleaning can help prevent this buildup from occurring.
  4. Excessive Licking or Scratching: If your dog is constantly licking or scratching their wrinkles, this may be a sign of discomfort or irritation. Regular cleaning can help prevent this behavior and keep your dog comfortable.

How long does it take to clean my bull breed folds?

Typically, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to 15-20 minutes to clean your dog's wrinkles properly.

Do I have to book?
You don’t have to book in advance but if you want to book ahead that’s fine! We run our clinic appointments from Monday to Friday. We will ask if your dog is reactive before completing your booking. Just give us a call at 01484 246420 or book here

Can I watch?
We usually ask owners to stay out of the room whilst we do wrinkle cleaning – this is because dogs often play up when their owner is in the room – you would be surprised how well behaved most dogs are for us when the owner isn’t there!  If we feel that it would benefit your dog to have you in the room for comfort then we will come and ask you to join us.

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