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Fish Skin Thins

Fish Skin Thins

Our Whitefish Skin Thins are a premium, low fat, 100% natural dog treat, rich in extra vitamins and nutrients found naturally in fish perfect for small to medium dogs.
  • Suitable from 8 weeks+
  • Chew rating 2: Requires some effort
  • 100% Whitefish
  • Pack size: 150g
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Our Whitefish Skin Thins are a premium, low fat, 100% natural dog treat, rich in extra vitamins and nutrients found naturally in fish perfect for small to medium dogs.
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Our Fish Skin Thins are made with 100% Cod Skin just air-dried (which means they have no additives, no preservatives, no gluten, wheat or other dog-unfriendly ingredients)! Low in fat and packed with essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, these flat, chewy and highly digestable treats support a healthy immune system, heart, cognitive function and promotes healthy skin and coat. 

The Benefits of our Fish Skin Treats for Dogs

Meaning 'less likely to cause an allergic reaction' as fish is a protein not often found to cause irritation to sensitive tummies.

Suitable for puppies 8 weeks+
Our rating is based on the fact that our flat fish skins are low in fat, tough enough for baby teeth to chew (but not too tough) and are the perfect introduction to natural treats for your puppy.

Low fat
Our fish skin flatties contain just 2.56% fat which is extremely low and makes them a very popular option for dogs requiring weight management.

Natural dental chew
Chewing on fish skin thins can help clean a dog's teeth, reducing plaque and tartar buildup due to the abrasive texture of the treat.

Suitable for most sizes and breeds of dog
Fish skin treats can be enjoyed by all breeds and sizes of dogs. A small dog will take longer to eat this natural treat than a large dog but both will enjoy this nutritious chew.

Free from rawhide
Our fish skin chews are a completely natural chew and contain no rawhide or ingredients found in rawhide.

Naturally grain and gluten free
Just 100% air dried cod skin.

High in Protein
High protein dog treats contribute to these benefits by providing essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Amino acids are crucial for muscle repair and growth, and they play a vital role in various physiological functions.

Sustainably sourced from the EU
Our cod is caught from sustainable fishing grounds.

No additives or preservatives
Our Fish Skin Thins are air dried in a controlled environment with good air circulation on trays or racks. The moisture in our Fish Skin Thins is gently extracted in our drying chambers, leaving you with a more nutritionally dense treat.

Healthy and nutritious
Rich in omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA, these treats promote optimal skin and coat health, while also supporting immune function. The protein content aids in muscle development and repair, contributing to overall body function. Dried fish skins are a natural source of vitamin D, vital for bone and teeth health, as well as B vitamins, including B12 and niacin, which play roles in energy metabolism, skin health, and digestion. Furthermore, minerals like phosphorus and selenium found in fish skins contribute to bone health and act as antioxidants, respectively.

Long shelf life
Store in resealable packaging, out of sunlight and at room temperature to keep the product fresh for 18 months.

These treats are, on average, 10-13 cm in length. Please note however, they are a natural product so actual size may vary.

Other ‘Fish’ treats and chews in our range that your pooch might enjoy include Sprats and Little Trainers.

Suitable for puppies and dogs aged: 8 weeks+
Pack size: 150g (approx 14-16 chews)
Shelf life: 18 months
Ingredients: 100% Cod Skin
Sourced From: EU
Typical Analysis: Protein 84.4%, Ash 17%, Fibres 9.2%, Oils & Fats 2.56%

Always supervise your dog when eating any kind or treat or chew.  Ensure that your dog has access to clean, fresh water.