Nail Clipping for Dogs

Nail Clipping for Dogs

Our popular nail trimming service is undertaken at our premises in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield in our treatment room.


How much does it cost?
We charge £10 per dog or you can buy a package deal of 6 for 5 (£50)

What if I only need the Dew Claws clipping?
The dew claws sit higher up on the ankle – some dogs only have them on the front legs but some also have them on the hind legs too.  As they don’t touch the floor, they often grow very long and curled so even if the rest of the nails don’t need trimming, the dew claws might.  We can trim the dew claws only for £5.

At what age should I start getting my puppy’s nails clipped?
We recommend starting as soon as the nails are long enough (or feel like needles!).  We offer a first puppy trim for FREE up to 16 weeks old.  Remember, the earlier your dog gets used to having their nails done, the easier it is to keep on top of them and is less likely for them to become fearful of having them done.

How long does it take?
Most nail clips take around 5 minutes but some can be a little longer if your dog is nervous and needs lots of cuddles and treats in between paws.

Do I have to book?
We offer nail clippings Monday-Friday and one Sunday Clinic per Month.  You don’t need to book during the week but we are very busy so it is preferable to make an appointment which can be done by phone 01484 246420 or you can book here

How do I know if they need doing?
If you they look pointed, you can hear them click on the floor or they are touching the floor then they are too long!  Claws should sit about 4mm off the ground.

My dog HATES having his nails clipped, how will you manage?
Our dedicated team specialise in nail clipping nervous dogs.  We always clip in teams of two so one of us can comfort your pooch whilst the other undertakes the nail clipping!  We will go at your dog’s pace and make them feel secure so even if they don’t enjoy the experience, at least they won’t feel stressed!  Unfortunately, we are unable to trim the nails of aggressive (rather than nervous) dogs.  If in any doubt, please talk to us prior to your appointment so we can be prepared.

Can I watch?
We usually ask owners to stay out of the room whilst we do a nail clipping – this is because dogs often play up when their owner is in the room – you would be surprised how well behaved most dogs are for us when the owner isn’t there!  If we feel that it would benefit your dog to have you in the room for comfort then we will come and ask you to join us.

Will my dog’s nails bleed?
Occasionally the quick (blood supply) running through the nail can be very long which means there is a small chance of it being nicked.  We don’t cut large chunks of nail off when trimming, it is done slowly and carefully to ensure that if the blood supply is nicked, it will only be a small amount and your dog won’t feel any pain. Any blood is quickly stopped with styptic powder.  Regular trims mean the quick doesn’t grow as long so there is less chance of it being caught.

To arrange an appointment or ask any questions, please contact us on 01484 246420 or book here

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