Pizzles for Dogs

Pizzles for Dogs

What is a pizzle?

A pizzle stick or bully sticks as they are also known as are chews made from bull penis. Yes, you read that right! Don’t worry though, they look nothing like that when they arrive to you. The meat is air dried for a healthier and natural chew.

Due to their strong flavour and firm texture, they are a very popular choice for many dogs, and they come with some great benefits!  We even stock Bully Braids, which are three pizzles braided together (what a job for someone eh!)

What are the benefits?

Pizzles are a long-lasting chew, so will keep your dog entertained for longer periods of time, making them a great choice for your stronger chewers.  Our pizzles are sourced from European cattle, so you can give them to your dog without any worries about their origin.

They are great for your dog’s oral hygiene too; they help break up plaque and tartar when your dog chews on them because of their tougher texture. When your dog chomps down on the pizzle, it will help keep the teeth clean whilst keeping your dog entertained and happy. When your dog chews or licks, a ‘feel good’ hormone is released, these endorphins relax your dog and help them feel calm.

As well as being a safer and healthier alternative to rawhide chews, pizzles are a great source of protein and 100% natural.

Can my puppy have pizzles?

Pizzles are suitable from 12 weeks old. Depending on how much your dog likes to chew, will depend on which size of pizzle will be better suited. For example, if your dog isn’t a strong chewer, the standard pizzle would be a great place to start, however if you have a dog with a strong jaw that loves to chew, the t​hick pizzles will be a better fit.

As with any chew, we would always recommend that you supervise your dog.

Reggie absolutely loves a pizzle, he will sit and chew for a good half an hour. This gives me some quiet time to watch the newest series on Netflix!

With Woofs and Wags,

Laura, Dolly & Reggie

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