Long lasting, low odour chews for dogs

Long lasting, low odour chews for dogs

What is a long lasting, low odour dog chew?

Well, they are exactly what it says on the tin, long lasting chews that won’t stink out your home and will keep your dog happy for a longer amount of time. The perfect option for when you want to switch to natural chews but don’t want the strong smell that comes with them. There are so many options of long lasting, low odour chews, that one of them will be the best match for your dog.

Wondering why you should get your dog one?

Apart from keeping your dog entertained for hours, they do provide some goodness too. When looking to buy long lasting, low odour chews, it is always best to go for the natural option. Here at Dragonfly, we have a huge range of natural chews for you to pick from that don’t come with a strong smell. Olive Branches and Root Chews don’t have any smell and save your dogs insides from splinters. Another great natural chew is our Yak Bars, made from 100% yak milk, they do have a slight smell but nothing strong or offensive.

What are the benefits?

Besides keeping your house smelling fresh, long lasting chews are virtually odourless, so you don’t have to question why your kitchen smells funny after giving your dog a new chew.

Our Lamb Horns are hollow, low smelling chews that are perfect for giving your dog something to do and not giving off strong smells. A great idea for utilising lamb horns is filling them with something tasty. Simply spread a layer of goodness inside (Peanut Butter would be perfect) and then add some natural treats like our Little Trainers. For extra fun, freeze and then serve to your dog.

Dolly loves Deer Hide, it keeps her happy for hours (in bed obviously – lazy girl). In my opinion they don’t have much of a smell and are still in our range of low smelling chews, but everybody has their own preference, so you may think differently.

Head over to our website where you can choose from a wider variety of long lasting, low odour chews for your dog. We have a great selection, so there is something for everyone.

With Woofs and Wags,

Laura, Dolly & Reggie

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