How to protect your dogs paws during the winter

How to care and protect your dog's paws during winter!

As the weather starts to turn cold, our dogs’ paws become vulnerable to damage. As pet parents, we need to be aware of the potential dangers that surround our dogs at this time of year and be mindful of a few things. Whilst some dogs will take the winter weather in their stride, for others walkies in winter is no fun at all. However, with proper care and attention, there is no reason that your dog can’t enjoy those crisp winter walks as much as you do.

All dogs can suffer from cracked and sore pads during the cold winter months. Snow or cold ground can lead to frostbite or extreme dryness which can be incredibly painful. Imagine how we feel when we get sore, chapped lips. This is what your dog can go through without proper paw care.

Icy paths are sprinkled with salt or grit at this time of year to eliminate ice but this can be extremely damaging to our dogs’ pads. These products can contain chemical de-icers which are corrosive to tiny paws with prolonged exposure. Try to avoid walking your dog over these surfaces if possible. If you do come into contact with a gritted path on your walk, make sure you wash and dry your dog’s paws when you get home.

Anti-freeze is often be found on road surfaces at this time of year. The sweet taste of this chemical can be appealing to dogs but is highly toxic if ingested. This is another reason to ensure you wash your dog’s paws after walking.

Keep the fur trimmed around your dog’s paws to help prevent ice-balls from forming. These can get stuck between the pad and toes and be really painful.

A great product to use during the winter months is our Nose & Paw Balm. This moisturising balm contains shea butter is great to help soothe and soften sore spots. With antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties, gently applying the nose and paw balm will help to ease pain caused by salt and ice balls. Our balm is totally safe if your dog decides to lick it – which they may well do if they love the gorgeous delicate lavender and peppermint scent as much as we do!

Remember we need to take extra care of our dogs over this time of year, paying particular attention their paws and general wellbeing. Take a read of our previous blog post about Winter Safety for more tips on caring for your dog throughout winter.

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