What is green been tripe for dogs

What is tripe?

What is green tripe?

Quite simply, green tripe is the unprocessed edible lining from the stomachs of various cattle including cows, sheep and buffalo. Humans have been eating the bleached, white version for years and now the green, unprocessed version is a popular dog food too. Green tripe has some serious health benefits for our four-legged best friends.

Green Tripe for dogs – what are the health benefits?

For dogs, green tripe is considered something of a superfood. The term “green” refers to the fact that it is raw, unwashed and unprocessed – the green colour comes from the grass that the animal has digested.  It is important that if you choose to feed your dog green tripe, it is not only green but also raw. Cooking destroys the good stuff that makes it so beneficial for dogs.

So, you must be wondering why green tripe is so good? Here are some of the top health benefits:

Great for tummies

Green Tripe contains probiotics which are a type of good bacteria to help promote good gut health and aid in digestion. Does your dog suffer with digestive problems such as diarrhoea? A probiotic supplement is often recommended, and green tripe is a great natural source.

In addition to probiotics, tripe contains digestive enzymes which can help your dog digest their food at a quicker rate. As well as helping to break down food faster, these enzymes can help your dog to convert food into nutrients.

Great for immunity, joint aid and healthy skin and coat

Containing omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, green tripe has it all! These fatty acids can help boost your dog’s immune system, reduce join inflammation, and help maintain a gorgeous glossy coat and healthy skin.

Great for muscles and bones

As green tripe is high in protein, it will help your dog to grow strong muscles and bones. Protein is also a great source of energy for dogs.

What else can green tripe help with for dogs?

We’re not going to lie, green tripe can be smelly! But… dogs seem to love that awful smell making it a great way to entice picky eaters. It can be used as a daily additive to food or as a special treat.

Green tripe is also perfect for pregnant or nursing dogs. We’ve already discussed that green tripe contains a good level of protein and this is vital to mum to help her support her puppies. In addition, green tripe gives a much-needed boost of calcium and nutrition.

Finally, Beef Tripe Sticks are extremely chewy and long-lasting making them a great boredom-busting treat. If you fancy trying these sticks along with some of our other natural chews, the Easy Chew Variety Pack is a great option.

Here at Dragonfly, we believe in the health benefits of giving your dog green tripe and many of our food items contain this ingredient. We stock many varieties such as Durham Animal Feeds Best Beef Tripe Mince and Natural Instinct Working Dog Chicken & Tripe Complete Mince. Be warned, these all come with a strong stink warning!

If you are now getting used to feeding your dog weird and wonderful natural treats, you should consider serving your dog raw (or dried) green tripe. It really is one of the best sources of nutrients for your dog.

We hope this is useful.

With Woofs and Wags,

Laura, Dolly & Reggie

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