Furry Rabbit Ears - a natural wormer!

Furry Rabbit Ears - a natural wormer!

We recently received a comment about our furry rabbit ears that made us realise not everyone understands the benefits of this rather odd treat or why we offer them.  Our customer believed we were selling inedible by-products as 'fur cannot be eaten'.

Rabbit ears with fur are definitely not for the squeamish.  They look, well, like rabbit ears and who doesn't love a bunny?! (I was going to put a bunny pic in here but that just seems a little mean...).

Furry rabbit ears are actually exceptionally good for your dog and we hope that even if you are still dubious, you may give them a go (you can even request a sample ear with your regular order - just drop us an email at the time of placing your regular order and we'll happily send one out free of charge - you know - 'cos we're nice): 

The fur covering the rabbit ears is actually classed as a source of fibre, and as we all know, fibre in the diet aids good digestive health...

1) As fur is undigestible, it basically brushes its way through the digestive tract and helps to clear away food residue which can build up over time. This build up of food residue can cause a sluggish digestive system, which can over time cause discomfort. 

2) Cleaning the digestive tract aids your pooch's body in absorbing most of the nutrients being ingested through the cell wall of the digestive tract.  Clean digestive system = more nutrients absorbed.

3) The 'brushing' action of the fur also acts as a natural protection against worms by brushing away worms and eggs in the digestive system. To achieve optimum protection, it’s advised to feed regularly (we recommend one ear a week) PLUS it helps negate the need for harsh worming tablets if you combine natural wormers such as these with a worm count test twice a year. 

4) The fur also aids in cleaning teeth too as it rubs a little of the surface plaque off the gums and between the teeth (without you needing to arm yourself with a toothbrush).

5) Fibre/fur is great for bulking up poo. To naturally express the anal glands (yuk but true), poo needs to be firm enough to press against the anal glands as it passes through.

Many customers ask how often they should feed fur to their dogs.   There is no hard and fast rule, natural worming solutions are not an exact science which is why we would always urge you to worm count, but feeding fur once or twice a week is a good rule of thumb for most sizes of dog.

So there you have it!  Hopefully you found this helpful and will give furry rabbit ears a go!

With Woofs and Wags,

Laura, Dolly & Reggie

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