How To Ease Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety When You Leave Them

How To Ease Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety When You Leave Them

After Covid, when life is slowly getting back to normal, many people are going back to work in the office and are no longer working from home. Your dog will have got used to you being there with them for prolonged periods, so helping them adjust to a new routine is very important.

Slow and Steady

If you know that in the future, you will be having to leave your dog at home, whether it be to go back to work or because you have to run some errands, you need to start planning a little in advance to ensure that your dog does not miss you too much.

Start by leaving your dog alone for short periods whilst you go upstairs and make the bed or in to the kitchen to make a drink and start building up the length of time. Leaving your dog with something to occupy them such as a Lickimat so that their attention is on something positive and not on you leaving the room. 

Gradually increase the length of time that you leave your dog, building up to the length of time that you will be away. Your dog will hopefully associate you leaving with something good (a treat) and be settled enough with the training that you have given them to know that you will be coming back to them.

Tire ‘em out!

Dogs love sleep. Dogs need sleep, so take your dog out for a walk before you are due to leave them. If they have good recall and you walk them off a lead, play games such as chase and fetch. This will really burn off some of your dogs energy and ensure that they are ready for a well earned nap when they get back home. Dog’s will also struggle to settle if they need the toilet, so ensure that they have a poo and a wee whilst you are out.

If you time their walk correctly, they will be tired, relaxed and comfortable and will sleep whilst you are out.

Leave some music on

A radio station on low will help to ease anxiety with some background noise to distract them from a quiet house.

Get Them a Friend

A pair of dogs will usually cope better with being left than a single dog. Getting a second dog is obviously a big decision and a lot of thought should go in to it. If, however, you were considering another dog anyway, this could be an effective and practical solution to stop your dog feeling lonely.

Aid Relaxation

If you think that your dog needs a little extra help and just doesn’t settle when you are out, consider investing in a natural supplement to help them. Our Dorwest Herbs Valerian Compound works wonders and our Little Trainers Calm and Relaxed Treats are perfect for giving your dog as you head out of the door.

Hope this helps!

With Woofs and Wags,

Laura, Dolly & Reggie

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