UK Law and Dog Tags – The Importance of Dog Tag Identification

UK Law and Dog Tags – The Importance of Dog Tag Identification

You must abide by the law relating to dog identification. To clarify, when you take your dog out in a public place, they have to wear a collar. The collar must provide information which should be engraved on it. The information must include the following:

Owner’s name and address including the postcode

 Alternatively, a dog tag can be attached to your dog’s collar or harness with the required information engraved on the tag.

You can include a telephone number on your dog’s identification tag, but this is optional although some people recommend that you do.

 The law does not require you to include your dog’s name on their tag which is also optional. That said, dog theft is a real issue more so in recent times as the price of dogs continues to escalate. If the person knows the name of your dog it can create the following problem:

Unsuspecting potential new owners think your dog belongs to the thief because your pet responds to their name being called

Thief's can easily befriend your dog and gain their trust if they know its name

As such, it is not a good idea to include your dog’s name on their identity tag. 

Examples of information you need to engrave on a dog tag is: 

Mrs Jones
1 Nowhere Place

Specific dogs do not have to wear a collar with a dog tag on in which includes:

  • When a dog is registered with the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
  • If a dog is being used to assist in emergency rescue work
  • Dogs that are being used on any official duties by a member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, HM Customs & Excise, and the Police
  • Dogs used for tending or driving sheep and cattle
  • Any dog that is being used to destroy or capture vermin
  • Sporting dogs
  • Packs of hounds 

Do you need to get a dog collar or a dog tag to ensure you meet these legal requirements? If so, please check out the Dragonfly range of collars and personalised dog tags. 

Please remember that even if your dog is microchipped, you still need to make sure your four-legged companion has a collar or tage on with owner’s details engraved on it.  By doing so, you are abiding by the law

You could also contact a company that will help you find your dog if they are stolen or lost. There is a fee to pay for this service but under the law, your dog must have been wearing a dog tag. In short, your dog will have two tags on their collars, the one you placed on your dog, and the company’s tag which you received when you join their dog search scheme. 

Further information on the law and dog tags can be found on the following link Article 2 of the Control of Dogs Order 1992. 

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