Hayfever in Dogs, Seasonal Allergies and Itching

Hayfever in Dogs, Seasonal Allergies and Itching

How do I know if my dog has Hayfever or Seasonal Allergies?

Not unlike humans, dogs can suffer with a form of Hayfever which can affect the eyes, ears, paws and cause generalised itching.  This is known as Seasonal Allergies and often flares when the pollen count is high or if your dog has been exercised in areas with long grasses.  Symptoms include sneezing, small red hives on the skin, scratching at the ears, chewing paws and runny, irritated eyes (these can also be symptoms of a food allergy but assuming you’ve ruled this out, read on)

What is Seasonal Soother?

The Seasonal Soother supplement from Herbal Dog Co is made from raw and natural ingredients that will work together to prevent and soothe any problems caused by seasonal allergies. Itch Away can be used for symptomatic relief and assist in prevention of the itch caused by environmental factors.

How will it benefit my dog?

Along with assisting irritation and helping to keep your dog comfortable, Seasonal Soother is made with healthy fats and oils to support the health of your dog’s skin and coat.

The naturally occurring ingredients also contribute to detoxifying the liver and contain no grain, gluten, or additives. Another great benefit that will help maintain the comfort and wellbeing of your dog’s health.

How often should I give it?

For particularly itchy dogs, we would recommend feeding every day during the Spring-Summer months.  For dogs that have random bouts of Seasonal Allergies you can feed it during this period only for symptomatic relief.

Itching can be a real pain, another tip to sooth the irritation is to bathe your dog after a walk with our Puppy Shampoo, which is gentler on the skin and would be great for a more sensitive dog (along with puppies).

Reggie suffers from itchy paws during the summer, I use Seasonal Soother to help soothe and comfort him when he’s chewing at his paws and it always calms thing down within a couple of days.

With Woofs and Wags,

Laura, Dolly & Reggie

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