Choosing a healthy dry dog food for your dog

Choosing a healthy dry dog food for your dog

Food is essential for good health in dogs as much as in humans. Choosing the right food for your dog is extremely important. A bad choice of food can cause a whole host of health problems and allergies.


Here are a few things to consider when deciding on the right dry food for your dog;

  • It should contain a relatively high meat content (not meat meal). Try to aim for around 50% or more meat content.
  • It should not contain fillers as these have no nutritional content and are just included to fill a dog up. Wheat, for example, is perhaps the most commonly used filler in lower grade dog foods, but dogs have a relatively high rate of gluten intolerance so best to avoid wherever possible.
  • It should not contain cereals. The general terms 'cereals' and 'grains' can refer to any product of any cereal including wheat, rice, oats, barley, maize etc. Because it is impossible to know what 'cereals' refers to, avoiding foods with this ingredient is again the best option.
  • It should not contain derivatives of vegetable origin. The primary reason being because it is impossible to know what the 'derivatives of vegetable origin' are. It is usually best to assume the worst and treat it with caution. This is particularly important if your dog is prone to dietary intolerance as identifying and eliminating problem ingredients is impossible unless you know exactly what you are feeding.
  •  It should not contain meat and animal derivatives. Like vegetable derivatives, it is impossible to know what exactly these include so should be avoided.

Why should you feed a good quality kibble?

Feeding a good quality dog food can help reduce the following;

  • Smelly poos. Yes, a good food can actually make your dog’s poos not smell as bad!
  • Reduces bad breath
  • Reduce smelly wind (doggy farts anyone…?)
  • Helps to reduce allergies
  • Clean up dandruff and skin allergies resulting a shiny coat.
  • Reduce ear and anal gland infections.

Although a good kibble is a complete food for dogs, you can also supplement it with other ingredients. Additions such as fruit, vegetables, bone broth and raw eggs all provide extra vitamins and minerals and add interest too.  Our range of toppers including Sea Sprinkles, Liver Crumble and Veggie Crumble are a great way to keep food interesting too.

Take a look at our dry dog food range, there are so many different flavours to choose from, with specific variations for small and large breed dogs.  We also offer sample packs` for your pooch to try.

With Woofs and Wags,

Laura, Dolly & Reggie

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