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Mixed Bag of Ears (10 pieces)
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Mixed Bag of Ears (10 pieces)

Mixed Bag of Ears (10 pieces)


Our Mixed Ear bags are the ultimate natural healthy treat for dogs large and small whilst giving you the chance to offer your dog a selection of different treats from the Dragonfly Products range.

Our mixed bags contain pigs ears (4), buffalo ears (2), rabbit ears with fur (2), rabbit ears without fur (2).

Perfect for those following a raw feeding BARF diet and a fantastic natural treat for kibble or canned food fed dogs. A much healthier and safer alternative to rawhide chews.

Our pigs ears come from British pigs whilst our buffalo and rabbit ears come from EU animals - we do not import our ears from overseas where animal welfare may not be a priority and quality is variable.

*Pigs ears are a long lasting, natural alternative to dental sticks and chews.

*Buffalo ears are a lower fat, long lasting alternative to pigs ears.

*Rabbit ears without fur are a great, low fat, easy to chew option for a quick snack.

*Rabbit ears with fur are a natural wormer for your dog.

All ears are air dried, not roasted or fried, which keeps the flavour totally natural and are great source of protein for your dog.

We pack each bag by hand to monitor quality.

Suitable for puppies and dogs from 16 weeks of age.

We always recommend supervising your dog when eating any kind of treat and suggest introducing pigs ears in moderation as too much at once may cause an upset stomach.


Pig Ear Typical Analysis: crude Protein 68.4%, crude fat 20%, moisture 11%, ash 2.6% Shelf Life: 18 months

Buffalo Ear Typical Analysis: Protein 84%, Crude Fibre 0.8%, Fat 2.5%, Moisture 4%, Ash 4.5% Shelf Life: 18 months

Rabbit Ear with Fur Typical Analysis: Protein 65.1%, fat 28.6%, moisture 5.1%, ash 1.9% Shelf Life: 18 months

Rabbit Ear without Fur Typical Analysis: Protein 51.1%, fat 19.4%, fibre 0.4%, moisture 10.6%, ash 3.9% Shelf Life: 18 months