Flat Beef Gullet

Flat Beef Gullet



Flat Beef Gullet is a great, chewy beef jerky for dogs of all sizes.  Our Beef Gullet is approx 6 inches long with a tough, chewy texture for an enjoyable natural dog treat.

250g - approx 10-15 pieces
500g - approx 20-30 pieces

PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of what the product is and the limited manufacturing process it goes through (to keep things as natural as possible), small pieces of grass may be present on the product.  This is completely normal and can be eaten as part of the treat without any problems.

✔ 100% EUROPEAN PRODUCE - no imports of dubious quality for us.

✔ 100% NATURAL TREAT NATURALLY GRAIN & GLUTEN FREE - Just 100% Beef Gullet, unsmoked and no added spices or flavouring, no grains, wheat, soy, corn, gluten or fillers!  A healthy treat, perfect for dogs with allergies

✔ GREAT FOR PUPPIES AND OLDER DOGS – a fantastic natural chewy treat for younger and older jaws

✔ HAND PACKED IN RESEALABLE PACKAGING - our bags have a handle and are resealable to keep your product fresh for months and odours contained and yes, we really do pack each bag by hand

✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - if your dog is not totally happy with our product, we will refund you without quibble

Suitable for puppies and dogs from 4 months of age although we always recommend supervising your dog, regardless of age, when eating any kind of treat.

Typical Analysis: Protein 72%, Crude Fat 17%, Moisture 7%, Ash 2%