Wormcount kits for dogs by Feclab, our laboratory partner. 

The use of worming medication on a regular basis as a preventative measure can actually do more harm than good to your dog.  There is no way to ‘prevent’ worms, you can only treat a worm burden if it is present.  Therefore, if no worms are present you are treating your dog unnecessarily with harsh chemicals that can upset the digestive balance and cause other more serious problems.

A safer, natural and more cost effective way is to include treats or food containing fur as part of your dog’s diet (fur acts as an intestinal brush to clear worms and eggs away through the system) and to carry out a worm count on a regular basis.

How does it work? A stool sample is sent off to our lab partners, Feclab, who will analyse the sample and advise you if there is evidence of worms and eggs, whether treatment is required and which specific parasites are present.

If treatment is required, your vet can then prescribe a specific worming tablet for your dog rather than a broad spectrum wormer.

We discuss in more detail, the importance of worm counting HERE