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Dragonfly Products - the story behind the brand!

Dragonfly Products - the story behind the brand!

Who are Dragonfly Products and where did the name come from?

I get asked this a lot - what made me decide to set up a natural dog treat company and WHY call it Dragonfly Products of all things?

I debated whether to write this blog post as it feels deeply personal but I finally decided, why not?

Dragonfly - well this is a whole story on its own.  My beloved dad died in June 2016.  He was only 65.  He had a short battle with pancreatic cancer (10 days after diagnosis) before passing away peacefully with me, mum and my sister by his side.

He adored dragonflies.  Was besotted with them.  Many an abroad holiday was spent rescuing dragonflies from swimming pools and letting them dry out in the sun where, miraculously, they would come back to life and fly away again (he used to push me around the swimming pool on a lilo gathering the dragonflies that had 'drowned' and we named ourselves 'Dragonfly Rescue').

Me and my Dad

Dad loved all animals large and small.  He never got chance to meet Dolly (our Cavapoo) but I know that he would have fallen in love with her instantly.  Dad was a quiet person, very restful to be around.  He used to point out dragonflies in the garden when we were BBQing and even had a dragonfly drone he used to fly in the house and garden (much to the delight of my toddler son at the time).

About three months after he died, my husband and I took my mum on a break to the Lake District and it was here in the middle of a clearing in the famous 'Ingleton Waterfall Walk' that we sat, enjoying the sun when a HUGE dragonfly came from nowhere and landed on my mum's arm.  We knew Dad was watching us.

About a month later I was in my garden (again in the sunshine) and a dragonfly landed on my foot - I even managed to capture it on camera!

My sister had a very similar experience in her garden around the same time.

So, once it came to the tricky job of naming my company, it couldn't be anything other than 'Dragonfly'.

Since setting up, I do feel he is watching me and encouraging me on over the obstacles and keeping me on the path to success.

So this blog is dedicated to my wonderful dad, who I miss every single day and wish he could be here to see me working so hard keeping his memory alive with that little logo on my packaging.  I like to think that every customer gets a little piece of his memory when they place an order - whether they realise it or not.

So here's to you my wonderful Diddy, I hope I'm making you proud!

L x

Oct 07, 2019

What a lovely heart-warming story on how you named your business. Your dad can ‘see’ you working hard and so proud of all you are doing. Bless you all xx

Jan 06, 2019

What a beautiful blog , o my he would have been very proud I’m sure, as I’m sure your mum has told you when times have been tough .
65 , life is very very cruel but you sound like you had a blast and actually sounds very much like my childhood other than the dragonflies lol . My dad is a huge part of my life and you have made me once again realise I’m very lucky to have him here .
I’d love to hear more about your business , what inspired you to enter that market ?
Keep flying lovely those dragonflies will keep you high xxx

Emma gulley
Jan 05, 2019

He certainly would be so so proud of you xx


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